Grimm Fairy Tales: Realm Knights - 'Joe Brusha',  'Pat Shand'
Disclaimer: Received this book as a free digital, advanced review copy via NetGalley.

The joy, for me, of discovering a new graphic novel series is finding one where it doesn't matter where you start you still feel involved and interested therefore making you want to seek out more books.
Unfortunately, after reading Realm Knights the idea of reading any others in the series is way down my list of priorities. This is mainly due to the author using postscript notes at the bottom of panels saying "see .... for details" or "story explained in upcoming...." rather than a proper introduction as seen in the excellent summaries in the Fable books. As a result the characters feel flat and underwhelming and the story lacks involvement.
One thing that isn't flat are the breasts, with parts of this book looking like they were drawn by a 14 year old boy. The one-shot story is particularly bad for this. It does not seem to matter that the fight scenes are a mess and incoherent as long as there's boobs. Faces and heads out of proportion? Who cares....Boobs!
Honestly thought that the comics world had progressed, but there's obviously some desks who still haven't got the memo. Also, if your main idea for a book is to riff off the worlds of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Fable, it's not a good idea to include a panel that's a direct rip off from the Avengers movie. (If you do read this, you'll know it when you get to it).
Overall, I really wouldn't recommend the Grimm Fairy Tales unless you're willing to start at the very beginning and devolve your brain and attitudes.