Wizard and Glass  - Stephen King

I really wanted to love this especially after the genius that was The Wastelands.
God it was a chore. As much as I understand the need to go into Roland's back story, it was about 200 pages too much. I loved getting more info about Roland's adventures with Cuthbert and Alain, and as always, King writes a fabulous set of villains. The only problem was, they were much more interesting than the focus of this instalment 'Miss Oh-So-Young-And-So-Pretty', Susan Delgado. She got on my wick from her first appearance and her segments were like wading through treacle for me.

And the less said about the 'Kansas' connection the better.

It's no surprise that this book of the series took me longer to read than the first three put together, and I'll be slowing down on the series from here on in. That's how dismayed this book made me.