Delancey: A Man, a Woman, a Restaurant, a Marriage - Molly Wizenberg

Miss 'Prim and Proper' meets 'Mr Hobby-ADHD' and what follows is
two well off, middle class foodies, used to getting what they want, open a restaurant and - shock horror - find out it's actually hard work.
Very little of the 'man' (what is, is mostly disparaging), a *lot* of 'the woman' (mememe), too much of 'the restaurant' (particularly pizza crust 101), and a very one-sided view of 'the marriage' (please Brandon release a book showing what a nightmare she must have been).
She also missed another category from the title - 'the friends'. Not a chapter passes without someone coming to the rescue or doing the job for them.
Repetitive, and too blog-like to sustain interest for a whole book.

I received this book as a digital review copy through NetGalley.