Dr. 2 (Issue 1) - James Chiang, Peter Tieryas
Sometimes, when you taste something, you need more than just a teaspoon full to truly appreciate it or to give the cook your honest opinion.
It can be like that with comics, and this is where I have a problem reviewing this edition of Dr.2 .

Normally, when you get galleys or arcs of graphic novels to review it's the entire novel, but in this instance it was just the first issue, which at 42 pages (including variant covers and notes) just isn't enough for me to judge fully.

However...what I did read was pretty good.

The monochrome style (with just a hint of colour for effect here and there) is beautiful, and the storyline intriguing. Chiang is not an author or artist whose work I'm familiar with, but if the full novel of Dr.2 was to become available to loan I'd certainly snap it up.

This book was supplied as an advance review copy ebook via NetGalley in return for an honest review and is in no way indicative of the final print copy.