The Witching Elm - C.N. Crawford
A fabulous start to a highly imaginative, eerie, and humorous new fantasy saga.
As a huge American History buff, I jumped at the chance to be part of this tour for ‘The Witching Elm’ by C.N.Crawford. Set between the town of Boston and it’s ‘mirror’ Maremount, this opening book of new fantasy series ‘Momento Mori’, and it’s a doozy!

First off, there’s absolutely no way of telling that this is written by two authors. I’m dubious of co-written novels as I’ve fallen foul of them in the past; it’s often obvious that there are two different voices and the narrative fails to gel properly. Thankfully, in ‘The Witching Elm’, that’s not the case, and it’s clear that Christine (C) and Nick (N) write beautifully as one.

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